In a new actually no..actually continent

I am in London..actually right now in Cambridge… my cousins house..havent been able to access gmail or blogspot..for the past 3 weeks..since I have come to London for a training…my new job needed me to come for three weeks to london for a training..and here i am at cambridge..trying to quickly update my blog…I have written my daily experiences of my adventures in London and will post them when I am back to aamchi Mumbai on the 26th..or may be the 27th…
R is enjoying with her thatha and thathi and appa who are bent upon making her NOT miss her mom and trust me she really doesnt miss me…thanks to my cousins I got to see her on skype yesterday and boy! do I miss her or what :):)
Will update blog soon….


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3 Responses to In a new actually no..actually continent

  1. Mindful says:

    ohhhhhhh have fun!! 🙂 its nice to get away alone once in a while. R will be really pampered don't worry.

  2. Timepass says:

    Trust me, I was thinking why no post from you for some time..and here I read this…nice to note abt ur london trip..hope u had a nice time till now..what was R's reaction on seeing u on skype?

  3. R's Mom says:

    @MM: Yaaa it was a good trip..and oh yaa baby..was R pampered or what!!!!@TP: Oh she did recognize me..and then looked around wondering whats with her mom not coming out of the comp hehehehe 🙂

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