What would you do…..

-if people in your new organization wouldn’t speak to you just because you don’t belong to their team
– if you were the only member of your team in that office..and no one was ready to even look at you !!!

– if you were eating lunch all by yourself even after 5 days of joining and NO ONE absolutely NO ONE invites you to their group
The new place I have joined is nice…but the problem is that it’s a typical firm where the age group is at least 5 to 7 years elder to me..and most people have their own teams in which they stay and work….I have no one to really turn to because I am the only member of my team here and my boss is based out of UK
While the official ‘buddy’ I have is really sweet, she is just too caught up with work..and honestly didn’t invite me to have lunch with her group…
I think it would be too intruding to go by myself and just hop onto one group
After working in a firm which had about 50 percent female employees…I find it a bit weird to see so many guys around !

My earlier firm had 50 people in the Mumbai office and I think everyone knew everyone and the crowd was young and vibrant with most of the guys of my age or just younger to me…though I have never ever joined them in any of their outings after office…I have always been updated on that and its been so much fun during lunch and all….
Here, people are more mature, more family oriented and more professional..They have their own groups who play carom after finishing lunch a bit early and dont seem to look beyond their group
Or may be they think I am a snob who wouldn’t talk to anyone…!!
Since it’s a really big organization, I haven’t been officially introduced to anyone..not even to the guy who sits behind me in the cubicle and acts as if I don’t exist…If I had a new person sitting next to me..I would at least introduce myself !

Its so confusing…but somehow I just cant get into the idea of just walking down and getting myself joined into any group without being invited..what if they think I am being oversmart and show off…
Uff!!! The confusions of a new job !!!!


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16 Responses to What would you do…..

  1. Average Jane says:

    Yep, there have been times when I have gone around and introduced myself.

  2. R's Mom says:

    @AJ: I will do that only tomorrow..what else to do!!!

  3. 1. the best way to break the ice is get sweets to office 🙂 .. tell them u just wanted to meet people / or its ur anniversary / or ur hubby got a promotion / something!! anything actually.. 🙂 get some khara just in case the ppl in ur office are too diet consious.2. ask for help 😉 eg: ask for a pen / marker .. or directions.. simply!! tell them u r new and would really like some help! every1 loves to help. be ready with ur sweetest smile.. 3. Go join a group at lunch.. just ask if it would be ok to join.. again tell them u r new and just hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to eat alone *sweetest smile*. Just before u leave, tell them it feels so much better to have company and if it would be ok to join again. if u r uncomfortable choose a new group after the 2nd day.. try .. n try.. Hope u settle down soon. PS: in my 8 years of work exp, i've worked with more than 16 teams and thats my mantra! 🙂

  4. what happened to my comment?? 😦 can u plsssssssss disable approval? its confusing.

  5. R's Mom says:

    @MM: You comment was on my approval list…just approved now :):)Your comments have been taken and noted…I will definitely try and go to someone tomorrow and join a lunch group…and about asking for pen and pencil…I have tried my best..they just give and thats it…even when I say thank you..its just a smile back and a grunt of yes :(:(and suggestion one of sweets to office…well MM ahem ahem…I wouldnt share sweets with anyone hehehehe 🙂

  6. 😉 abt the sweets … ok u won't share them.. but atleast u'll feel better eating them! :p

  7. I remember my first day when I had joined a different team, I had gone around to each and every person's room and introduced myself "Just wanted to say Hi, I'm new to the team" ..etc. I also used to bake cookies often and take them to work, and send emails to everyone asking them to come and grab some.

  8. R's Mom says:

    @MM: good idea MM :):)@Priyanka: Wow…you want to come down and join my organisation…you can always bake the cookies for me heheheh 🙂 (yahan pe toh I dont even know anyone's names to send them emails!!!!)

  9. apu says:

    I'm sure that can be difficult. Some good suggestions from the other commentors here. Since you've been assigned a "buddy", you could also tell her that you're now settled in and ready to meet more people 🙂 She should get the hint…

  10. Anonymous says:

    chill rakhee,all will be fine and just as u want it to be…

  11. Usha says:

    I hope things have changed already but I am surprised that they lack the basic courtesy to make a newcomer feel welcome. In the bank I used to work in it was a rule to buy sweets to welcome a new employee and make her/him join you for lunch.

  12. R's Mom says:

    @aps: Yaa yaa I am trying that only…today I went to her and ate with her..only hehehe :)@Anon: Thanks :)@Usha: Actually they are nice people..just that may be too caught up with work…yaa today like I told aps..I actually went and sat with them and ate…heheheh:) Wow…thats a great bank you worked for..which one was that :)anything for sweets heheheh!

  13. I can totally totally relate to this… Sorry, I am late to comment here and see that you have gelled perfectly now. My office condition still remains to be the same with no one to turn around – my team is based out in Malaysia and I am the only one here. Its been like this for 4 years now and I see that I cant take this anymore. I do have some friends of my age group but no one to relate to as a team. 😦

    • R's Mom says:

      are you reading all my archives :):) thats so sweet 🙂

      arey darling..give it time..you will get someone..but honestly now its almost 1.75 years..and I am yet searching for the right office friend! so with your 4 years..I can understand…hugs hugs hugs

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