My Faith in God…

… like a yo-yo ball..which is very bad..but what to do..seeing R suffer for the past 15 days with severe cough, vomiting and breathlessness makes me feel that God is not very kind to me….but when I see R looking at the Ganpati photo in our house and saying ‘allo’ with her hand raised smiling or joining her hands in prayer to do ‘jai bhagwan’ in front of the small temple that we have hanging in our kitchen…stretching her hands forward to take the box of ‘vibhuti’ in her hand and open it to apply on my forehead, her forehead and rushing to her ‘appa’ to apply on his forehead…well there is a God and he is looking after her 🙂 God please make her alright…she has suffered enough!!!


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4 Responses to My Faith in God…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wish 'R' a very soon recovery. As a mom of 2 girls, I can totally relate to you. My first one who is 4, have all the symptoms you are talking about. She still throws up after coughs. During winter in US, her symptoms worsen. Pulmonoligst diagnosed with extrinsic asthma and she wille be on inhaled corticosteroids for 5 months a year during winter. She is feeling much better. We tried reducing consumption of milk and bananas. Pulmonologist thought the elimination of those foods helped her to face the harsh winter without increasing the dosage. If possible, try taking 'R' to either Pediatric pulmonologist or Allergy specialist. Just my 2 cents as I went through all these… -Swathi

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Swathi: Thanks so much…am still continuing with homeopathy meds…which seems to be working but slowly…I guess it needs patience and thats the dept I lack….lemme see if I can find out an pediatric allergy specialist here somewhere nearby..:):)

  3. Vidooshak says:

    My 2 cents– as long as she recovers as quickly as she falls ill, don't pump too many medicines into her. These children are learning to live in an environment that was never made for humans– pollution, radiation and BT foods. It will take their bodies a few years to "evolve" and then survive for the next couple of 100 generations :-)Plus, R has already built her equation with God. Her cheerful "Allo" will always keep her safe and happy!

  4. R's Mom says:

    @Vidooshak: Oh know what till you wrote this…it didnt even strike me…I wonder how these kids are going to survive in the future..yaa and I guess these kids have a direct connection to God with their 'Allo's 🙂

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