Last Sunday….

…was one of those days which you want to cherish and remember all your life…R and me went to meet up my school/ college friend N who has a 6 month boy…D…he is a sweetie…..I reached Dadar at about directions to her house from her hubby..who said that taxis may not come since its too near the station..yaa G…I had a great time towing R along in that sun..heheeheh 🙂
But anyways managed to reach at her place…she was giving a bath to baby D…R was very fascinated to see the baby and thought that he was a doll…..initally she was chipkoed to me..but then slowly went to N and then to my surprise..went from my lap to her lap and sat there looking at her fascinated…
D is a baby who is a total anti thesis of R…D sits quietly on his bouncing chair..without even a whimper..happily gazing at everyone around him and he even lets his parents eat thats what I call an absolutely doll of a baby…N babes you dont knwo how lucky you are….when R was 6 months…I think I wouldnt even eat~!!!!! She wanted to be carried around ALL THE TIME….
Inspite of being friends with N for so many years…this si the first time I tasted her food..hehehe it was simple food and R loved it..she initally ate one roti and subji and then when me N and G sat to eat..she polished off tons of rice and dal…heheheeh 🙂 So N now thats a compliment 😉
I had told N that I will be sleeping in the afternoon at her place..but both of us were so caught up catching up and talking to each other..that we hardly realised it was 4…I really spent quality time talking to her after a looooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggggg time….it was total fun 🙂
Thanks N for a wonderful day spent with u..and now a days R’s favorite parrot word is ‘DDDDDDDDDDDD’


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