Alone and successfully passed the test

It was an adventure I didnt anticipate….Wednesday night reached home late since had to go to Delhi on Thrusday for a client ppt…my Dad and hubby were dead against going to Delhi in foggy weather but then work sense prevailed and decided not to listen to them and go…
Got an sms and telephonic msg from Indigo saying that the 9.25 morning flight has been postponed to 10.10…okie cool so I could drop R at the daycare and leave…
Thrusday morning 8.10: Finally R’s teacher came and I rushed to Borivali stn to get a train for Parle…Got the ticket extended and was shocked to see that the 8.10 fast had been cancelled and it was already 8.25 and the 7.40 train was yet to come…all trains were late by almost 40 minutes..
8.25: Decided to go to Borivali east and take a rick to the airport. Got into the rick and then realised that there was MAJOR Nakabandi all over the roads…..the traffic was crawling and it seemed impossible that I could reach the airport before 10…I called up my colleague and told him to proceed incase I dont come by 9.45…
8.50: Still at Malad
9.00: Still at Malad
9.10: Reached Goregaon
9.20: Reached Goregaon
9.28: Finally Jogeshwar
9.35: Reached the signal before the turn to the airport
9.45: Reached the airport after jumping down from the rick and twisting my foot because of the heels (which I never wear) getting scolded by a police man for falling down…saying that’ beta..if you break your leg..u will never get the plane stop running’
Met up with colleague and checked in and got into the flight
10.30: Flight departs
12.30:Reach Delhi
1:15: Yet to disembark from the flight since there are no coaches available!!!!!
1.30: Meet up with Chennai colleague
3:00: Still at Pizza Hut trying to eat something
3.20: Got a msg from Indigo saying that night flight is cancelled
3.22: Hit the panic button with boss saying lets finish teh ppt before getting worked up
3.30: Enter the client place for the 2.30 meeting with one of the colleagues from Calcutta whose flight got delayed by 4 hours still on the way from the airport
3.35: Told hubby and got a big time scolding of ‘I told u so”
3.40: Client ppt started by colleagues while hubby still telling me to book another flight and then telling me not to come since it would be too late for me to reach home..and total confusion
3.45: Give up and enter the meeting room and give the ppt
4.30: Calcutta friend A comes in right to give her segment ppt
5.10: Ppt over..with me stratching my head on why Calcutta friend came in for just 40 minutes!!!!
5.30: Total confusion after the ppt..whether to go by another flight which would start at 10.40 from delhi and reach mumbai at 1 in the night or stay back
5.40: Cried to all my collegaues worried about R while hubby reassuring me that he will take care of R and I should stay back at Delhi
5.45 to 7.30: Intense discussion in the car while going back to drop Calcutta and Chennai collegaues to airport..about children, hubbies, Aamir Khan (thats a different post in itself!)
7.30: Finally decide to stay back…
Mom calls up to tell me to relax saying that hubby can take care of R…MIL calls up to say its his duty dont worry…Hubby calls up to say that R is pointing towards the door and asking for Amma
9.30: CAlled hubby who said that R finally went off to sleep
10.40: At the Delhi office cum guest house trying to take a print out of the next morning 7 o clock flight ticket
1:00 AM Friday: Not yet got sleep because of the cold (totally unprepared for it!) and scared of sleeping alone
4:00 AM Friday: Got up, brushed and ready to go..decided against having a bath since didnt have any spare clothes…Actually I didnt have anything no brush (I bought that the previous night) no comb, no face wash, no kerchief…absolutely nothing
6.30 AM: Flight on time yipeeeee boarded the flight
7.30 AM: Started seeing ‘Love Aaj Kal’
8.30 AM: Captain says still visibility is 100 metres we need at least 200 metres to fly
9.30 AM: They start serving breakfast on board without take off
10:00 AM: People bugged but sitting patiently and then the captian announces that the flight will take off…
12:30 : Finally landed in Mumbai

In the meantime in the morning, hubby gets up at 5 to boil milk for R…she wakes up by 5.45 asks for her mom..doesnt bother when RD gives her milk..she drinks milk, does her potty, talks to her mom while doing potty, speak to her both sets of grandparents…manages to play with her dad before he gives her a bath and makes her ready to go to daycare she doesnt cry, plays with her dad and waves him good bye

Hubby! you are great ya…I couldnt have imagined that you would have managed R without MIL or me…I really admire you and confess that you are a great dad :):)

You have been alone and have successfully passed the test..and i think so I have of being alone without R for a whole night….


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4 Responses to Alone and successfully passed the test

  1. It's fantastic that your hubby managed it all without any help.Of course, hats off to you that you managed the terrible delays at your end without totally losing your cool too.

  2. Smita says:

    Hi… Congrats to RD… tell him he is one of the best Dads around… not sure that my hubby will be manage N

  3. Mama - Mia says:

    good for you guys!!! :)cheers!

  4. R's Mom says:

    @Swapna: Yaa rey hubby was really cool….:) and I toh lost my cool…BIG time..hehehehe :)@Smita: hehehe try doing it to S…I am sure he will pass the test as well ;)@Mama-Mia: Thanks thanks :):)

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