Terrorist in Office!

Monday morning 7.42 AM: Girl in black sweater and black scarf enters the premises
7.43 AM : Girl opens the door of the office
7.43 AM: Two workers and one security guard working and gossiping …. suddenly stare as the girl walks in confidently into a cubicle
7.44 AM: There is a stunned silence and then…the workers and guard wait for a reaction
7.45 AM: Girl turns around and stares at them….and then says…
I am from the Mumbai office…does A sit in this cubicle.!!!
7.46 AM: There is a sigh of relief and the two workers and security guy break into a smile

Can you believe this…..I was always wondering why I was getting such strange looks from these guys when I entered the office…yesterday my friend A told me that they told her that they thought I was a terrorist who had entered the building..since no one in the Cal office had informed them that I was coming and no one comes so early….!!!!!!!!!


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4 Responses to Terrorist in Office!

  1. LOL!!! what a day has come!! i esp liked the "no one comes so early" part!

  2. LOL! That can't be true!!

  3. R's Mom says:

    @MM: heheheheheh seriously people here land up aaram se at 9.30 and afterwards :)@Swapna: I was shocked myself when A told me about this 🙂

  4. Poulami says:

    hahaha…dats d funniest thing ever..u r probably d tiniest n cutest terrorist ever then!!but yes..i remember ur reporting to office before 8am when u came down to cal..damn..it hardly feels like three years dat i havn't met u..it all seems so so fresh..

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