Calcutta and Mumbai – Buses and all that!

So I have become a vetran now….in travelling in Calcutta buses…Taxis are a different story and I refuse to devlve on that….
I have take a rick from my place to Tollygunge and a bus from Tollygunge to Salt Lake …to and fro and survived on it for 4 days now…yes yes I am getting to be a vetran….
There are loads of difference between Mumbai and Calcutta…and buses are just one of them
1) In Mumbai you have only BEST..which is the ‘best’ by the way…in Calcutta…you have buses and private buses..and West bengal surface transport buses..and CTC buses..and more buses and lot of buses….
2) In Mumbai you stop at the stop…or else the bus wont stop..In just stop the bus where you stop and the bus stops
3) In dont have anyone callling out of you..infact you call out for the bus…In Cal…there are three people cajoling you to board the bus
4) In Mum…the conductor catches you for a ticket almost as you board the bus…In have to figure out who the conductor is..because there are three of them..with no dress code…and then when you are just thinking that you earned yourself a free bus ride as you get down..they materialise from thin air and ask you for money
5) In Mum…the conductor keeps his money in the bag and various pockets all folded horizontally…In Cal…the conductor seems to have 25 fingers with the money folded vertically between his fingers not missing out even one note!!
6) In Mum…you need to stand up and get off from the front of the bus with the driver stopping only at the designated stop…In Cal…they show special love for you if you are girl..they let you get off right next to your house lane..inspite of that not being an official stop
7) In Mum…you hold yourself and your bag..In have someone who will always be ready to hold your bag and ask you upfront whether you want to give your bag to them
Next post on the difference between ricks in Mum and Cal :):)


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4 Responses to Calcutta and Mumbai – Buses and all that!

  1. LOL!! having seen n survived the mumbai mania.. cal sounds so laid back!! would love to go visiting.. come to thing of it, bangalore buses also seem to have a different life of their own! Loved ur post!!

  2. R's Mom says:

    @MM: heheh! next visit is to bangalore…;)

  3. AverageJane says:

    LOL. Good one. 🙂 Never been to Cal myself..

  4. R's Mom says:

    @AJ: Amazing place…trust me..if you like street food and eat non veg…you should come here once in your lifetime…its a great place to come and relax 😉

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