Zoo and Museums

Calcutta…we are exploring you…..its fun, its amazing, its like a secret aladin cave which unravels its mysteries to you slowly and sweetly and brings out the best of it like a lovely flower opening up in the sun…

We went to the zoo yesterday…It was fun…MIL, FIL, R, RD and RM…all of us…we left at about 9.30 in the morning…took a cab and reached there…..bought the tickets and then started walking in…R was fascinated by the animals and birds there….MIL was so enthused that she went with R to every enclosure…explaining to her everything…and teaching her what every animal or bird did…We saw loads of birds, squirrels, a zebra..three giraffes..lion, tigcer, chimp..so many animals there….it was great fun…on the way back…..we were too exhausted..but RD and R were very enthused and ended up seeing loads of animals more than rest of us…we went to the reptile park..but there was not one snake in sight becoz it was too cold for them to come out..it was hilarious seeing 100s of people trying to see some sight of snakes 🙂
We went to eat at an Haldirams outlet near the Children’s museum…its really worth going…we ordered a rumali roti plate, chinese plate, chole bature, idli (for fil) and choler luchi…it was so good..all the food…R managed to polish off one whole bowl of fried rice all by her self!!!!! we then had some hot hot rosagullas made of ‘notun gur’ and kesar ras malai…it was yummmmmmmmmm! R polished a lot of it as well :):)
Reached home dog tired and slept for a long time…
Today RD, RM and R went to the Doll’s museum…its amazing…thousands of dolls and they have depicted the entire mahabharata and ramayana…its amazingly great….I think such museums should be replicated in every city…for kids to learn so much more…the kind of dolls from different countries..the cars, aeroplanes, the mechanical toys from Germany, the beautiful toys from Japan and Korea…the lovely dolls of Switzerland….its amazing and trust me every visitor to Calcutta should visit this beautiful museum…I ended wishing R was older…I wish I could have taught her the mahabharat and ramayan from there…I got jealous of the parents whose kids were older and the parents were explaining the story to them patiently..it was so sweet…waiting for R to grow up to bring her back here 🙂
Again went to the same Haldirams and had dhokla, sandwich and pizza there and then proceeded to Birla Technology Museum…Its a wonder…trust me…Calcutta is the best place to bring up kids…such wonderful technical experiments which you can experiment yourself….R was asleep by the time we went there…which was good in a way…we saw a science show…also saw a 3D movie…saw an amazing mock up of a coal mine…the kind of detailing done..is great…..saw loads of experiments in modern science, life science, electricity, television, automotive…saw the transformation of railways…..saw how bicycles transformed…so much more…its an amazing place to teach science to your kid…..again waiting for R to grow up….I am sure if kids visit that place at least once in an year…we will have thousands of kids going into to scientific research….its a true example of a place where science is fun!!!!!
Thanks hubby for the wonderful trip inspite of me bugging you to go home when R was refusing to sleep for a while….
I am loving you Calcutta 🙂


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2 Responses to Zoo and Museums

  1. Monika,Ansh says:

    Sounds great. :)Wish I could meet u all

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Mon: Email me your phone number na….I will call you….

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