Been There and Done That!

Yes…finally landed in Cal and done the deed of eating Poochka and Jhal Muri…yipeee…what fun…now waiting to eat roll and momo and googni and what the sole purpose of my visit to cal is not to eat..heheheheh :):)It was an adventure coming to Cal with R….Morning finished the meeting….Came to office to have amazing Pav Bhaji and Burji Pav (breakfast at 2 in the afternoon) and then hubby called up to say that the flight was delayed by half an hour….the office was practically empty with the long weekend setting in..hubby picked up R then he realised that he had forgotten the laptop and then he came back home…and then came to pick me short we thought we were running late to airport..we reached there and R was very very fascinated by the airport…we chked in and then since R was difficult to carry…we decided to make her sit on the cart to carry the luggage..the problem after that was that she refused to get off the cart :(:(….anyways we managed to get her off..hubby decided to take her with him to chk realise that she was squirming and screaming at her elemental best there…anyways squeezed through that and we sat down in the secure area….the flight was further delayed….making R sit at one place is like making the earth stop from spinning..she is the most restless kid I have seen…Gave her some roti which I had packed earlier…and then R ate some of it..saw her dad get burger and coffee from CCD and decided that her mom’s roti was too boring..she actually managed to convince her dad to give her some coffee as well 😦 Then when mom went to the washroom..hubby had a very weird experience…R was refusing to sit down at one place and hubby was trying to manage realise that her hand may have gone and hit the lady sitting behind him….before he could apologise the lady’s husband looked at hubby and said…why are you touching my wife…hubby was shocked…he was like the baby…..the husband started saying all weird things to hubby and then added I hope the child gets better values than you…thats it..hubby almost lost it…thankfully I came back and when I asked hubby he started off furiously…I was quite shocked and we just changed our place though hubby was planning to actually furious enough to bash the guy….I agree there are instances of eve teasing..and may be R’s hand did hit the lady..but this is no excuse to challenge the values which we are giving our kid….hubby is still upset about what that guy said..I am just telling him to ignore it!!!!! I wonder in the whole conversation why that lady didnt open her mouth…if the same thing had happened to me…I am sure I would have understood the precadiment of the guy with the baby and stopped my hubby from saying such nasty things!anyways that apart…flight delayed reached Cal at about 1 in the night….R’s gran was more excited to see her than her son or DIL hehehehe :)R got up by the time we reached home..and then broke into the most beautiful smil of recognizition when she saw her granmom :)…It was perhaps the most beautiful thing I saw in a long time..she remembers her gran..and her gran was estatic :):)Now in Cal…soaking in the sights…and breathing in the most wonderful of smells..I am enjoying myself with no work and MIL spoiling me rotten….what fun…:)


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