The Love Affair Begins

Yesterday we took R to the beach..for the first time…RD and me dared to take her to the beach..and trust was an see her tentatively put her foot on the ground…get the shoes off her feet….see her feel the smooth sand and the uneven surface where the water had washed the sand…look around for support that her parents were around…then slowly feeling the sand move beneath her…put her leg slowly into the soft waves….see her face break into a grin as the cold water washes her feet…see her scream in joy as she tries to dodge a wave..jump to splash the water….she was enthralled by the water and the waves……she refused to come back…We hope to do this every now and then 🙂

RD realised he lost the car keys in the beach!!!!!..and before that I forgot the take the house keys when we locked the door..fortunately we have given a set to our neighbours!!! and then all three of us went back to search for the keys..but didnt get RD decided to drop me back to a rick so that I could go home and get the spare key..we passed a police station near the beach…and I saw something red hanging in the policeman’s hand…I think thats our key..can you go and check..I told RD…he went and I followed him..and yipeee….someone had found our keys and given it to the police guys…thank God RD is a fan of ManU and SIL had gifted him a key chain which was BRIGHT red…!!!! we thanked police profusely…..and we blessed the kind soul who returned the keys to the police…and came back about an adventure!!!

Yesterday evening went to Raghuleela mall in Kandivali (W)..was the whole of Kandivali there?????


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4 Responses to The Love Affair Begins

  1. Thank god you got the keys!

  2. Babies on the beach is a delightful experience!! Brought back memories for me too… once they get busy with school – the way our education system is, they miss out on all these lovely experiences that are so good for a child's spirit.Finding your car keys like this was amazing! That's some adventure 🙂

  3. Mama - Mia says:

    awwww! i can imagine her joy!! :)and indeed very lucky about the keys! and lets give credit to your sharp eyes too,shall we?! :)cheers!

  4. R's Mom says:

    @Swapna: Yaa I swear, we were so tensed!@IHM: Arent they :)I hope I can snatch R away for a while from the educational system and let her enjoy these small joys of life :)@MM : Yaa give credit to those mainly hehehe even with my -6 number I could figure out that it was our car keys 🙂

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