Scene: On the phone between me and my friend 4 years ago…
F: Hey you know what…S delivered a baby!
Me: Oh great news ya…girl or boy?
F: Arey a baby ya!
Me: Yaa right but a girl or a boy????
F: Oh God…dont you understand…a baby!!!
Me: I understood rey…S delivered a baby…but what is the baby..a girl or a boy…
F: Oh God…if it was a boy I would have said ‘Baba’ na…Its a girl so its a baby…
Me: huh!!!
Scene (Hypothetical but will definitely be like this) R’s Dad (RD) watching a Man U versus Arsenal match! R’s Mom (RM) in the kitchen…R in the bed sleeping…
RM: You know what happened today in office..blah blah blah…are you listening
RD: huh hmmmm
RM: Oh God…the milk boiled over 😦
RD: hmmmm (poring his eyes into the TV)
RM: hey RD…I am smoking a cigarette!!! (hoping this would snap him out of his intense TV viewing!)
RD: Okie…. (not even registered!!!)
RM totally bugged and irritated..

RM: Oh R fell off the bed..go she is crying!!!
RD jumping up, running to the bed room and going and cuddling the baby who hasnt even fallen off the bed!!!
Priorities how they change 🙂


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