A Saree and A Dinner

Hubby’s colleague had come down from Aus and hubby had decided to call her for dinner on Monday evening. (Monday!!! This guy really loves me big time doesnt he???) So preps started on Sunday evening and I decided to make ahem ahem…dont laugh okie…alu dum, chole, dal, rice, boondi raita and roti…..I made the first three on sunday night (after my huge trip previously blogged about) and then left office early on Monday to pick up R and prepare the rest of the items. …. By the time she came, I was ready with the dinner and hubby had got beer and sweets with him…
She is a total sweetie….R was totally fascinated by her 🙂 She had got with her wine (for me..and sadly I dont drink..she wasnt aware) and beer for hubby meaning that we had double quota of beer..and then she got stuff for me as well….after settling down..hubby asked if she wanted coffee and she was more than happy to have home made coffee (without sugar!!!) while drinking coffee she opens her bag and takes out a stunningly beautiful maroon saree with gold work on it..and asked me if I could teach her drape it…I almost choked on my coffee and hubby looked as if she had asked me to marry her….!!!! I was like..yaa sure why not!!! For someone who has NEVER worn a saree by herself…I exuded great confidence…as soon as I opened the saree…it slipped from my hand..and R thought it was a new game we were playing….yaa right..peek-a-boo with a saree worth 7 Grand..sorry babes your mom dad will never earn that kind of money..so anyways I boldly started to tell her the right and the left side of the saree realising after 10 minutes of struggle that I had caught the wrong side….anyways she was so enthused that she started taping me so that she could just look at the video and then wear the saree for her christmas party hehehe 🙂 imagine wearing a saree on a pair of formal pants and formal shirt hehehehe 🙂 anyways…I struggled a bit but ended up draping the saree pretty okie over me…she was damn happy about the whole thing and I told her that I will put it on for her as well so that it will be like a practice session for her…(wow one attempt and look at my confidence boost!!!) anyways I didnt want to re experiment on that saree so I took out one of my 5 sarees..which was jet black in colour and she loved it so much that I gifted (phew!!!) it to her….thank God thats one lesser saree to manage at home…;)
Anyways managed to drape that around her….infact twice I draped R along with her..because R seemed very excited with the prospect of playing with a long never ending piece of cloth and was hovering around us like a bee around flower…
After that it was dinner time and the sweetest bit is that she actually tasted everything I had made and had hot hot rotis and enjoyed it….
I think it was a great evening spent and hubby thank you for inviting her inspite of it being a Monday night…I would have hated it if I had missed this opportunity…
BTW: She lives in the most amazing place at Aus..with about 5 acres of land and her kitchen is to die for..she has chickens, horses and dogs in her house…I was soooooo jealous of the pics 🙂


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2 Responses to A Saree and A Dinner

  1. The saree sounds fab. And seems like you had a fun time 😉

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Priyanka: Yep..It was really amazing….yaa we had a lot of fun 🙂

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