The weekend

I had a good sunday….spent it taking R to the doc in Chembur who told her that R was doing pretty good and her weight gain was decent…gave us some medicines and told us to inform her incase she catches a cold or anything..
Hubby dropped me to Bandra where I went to my friend A’s house…Joined in by D, J&J&J…it was fun..we had fun talking and eating and it was a full girl’s team out…A’s mom had banished herself from our chit chat in fear of being over thrown by a group of chattering girls and shouting kiddo!
Went to M’s house and saw his beautiful baby girl whom he proclaims looks like her….but I say she looks as pretty as her mom πŸ™‚
Came back home and did stuff..which I will blog about later!
All in all…a fun sunday…and excited about the Cal trip nearing…
Work wise..its pathetic!!! Just WAY too much work…I hope I dont get a nervous breakdown or stress related trouble because of this!!!


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2 Responses to The weekend

  1. Timepass says:

    Chembur…I've stayed there!!! reading that word brought back lovely memories

  2. R's Mom says:

    @TP: Great to hear that…its just too far awy from where I stay πŸ™‚

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