Dresssing her???

‘Errr….have you ever thought that if you had a girl…you would need to improve your dressing skills or rather at least dress up your daughter better than you did’….thats what my next cubicle friend used to tell me when I was pregs…so that would give you an idea on how well ‘Dressed’ I am even in office…
Well I have always been a poor dresser by normal standards..most of the time you will see me in a fatahua jeans and a T shirt three times over size (That is to ensure all the fat is hidden underneath that!) I have spent my entire college life like that…my jeans would be washed may be every 7 dayss..and my mom used to be quite vocal about how BORED and Bugged she was seeing me in the same T Shirt every other day …in my office…I usually wear salwar kameezes sans duppatta most of the time since travelling with them in the train is a pain..and wait to get out of them when I reach home to my more comfy pyjamas
my cousin K who spent 5 years of her college life with us…was a GOOD dresser but then my bad influence made her also wear the same thing over and over again! of course now after marriage she has gone back to her ways of chic dressing….
My dad is a very laid back guy ready to wear even bathroom slippers and go out..while my mom has never been into make up or anything but in her school she is known to be one of the best dressed teachers with a variety of sarees she wears and the chic way she wears it…my friend in college used to see her at the temple when she used to come to college via the same way and always used to tell me on wonderful my mom’s sarees were….
My mama is a total anti thesis of my dad..he is always well dressed, very chic in his dressing and mami is the same..they are a very very handsome pair and when they both go out together they definitely make heads turn….(cousin K is their daughter so you can imagine how horrified they were with her dressing when she was with us πŸ˜‰
My bro spent some time with my mama and has inherited his sense of dressing..which is quite a contrast between me and dad….infact my dad and mama when they go out together its really funny..dad in his bindaas clothes while mama perfectly coordinated dressing πŸ™‚
After I got married.. I realised that I have married a guy who is very particular about his dressing and always wears clothes which are coordinated…he is usually well dressed when he goes out and being his wife is difficult for me..because I usually grab the first thing hanging out of my wardrobe..tie a rubber band in my hair and just walk off…Till date he has never told me anything about my dressing though sometimes there have been vague remarks on my t shirt being too oversized ahem ahem etc etc….
With R, I have been very very lazy basically…I have hardly bought anything for her except t shirts and track pants..and most of the time that what I make her wear…her day care teachers dont say anything but the girl who handles administration there calls her govinda..for the weird combis I make her wear..orange and pink..and blue and red…now theproblem is that in her daycare we have to make her wear clothes which have her number tag so that they can differentiate the clothes of various kids there..and the ones they make her wear are usually ‘su-su-ofied’ by her since we cant send her in diapers πŸ™‚ so whatever comes to my hand and is spare is put on her…of course she makes up for the lack of colour cooridination with her vibrant smile but still basically she doesnt have a mother who had the patience to put on colour coordinated clothes, and shoes and ribbons and bindi or anything…most of the time people take her to be a boy..that sure gives an idea on how I dress her…
Of course when she grows older she can take a choice whether she wants to be as lazy as her mom or be a well dress chick..but till she is old enough to dress on her own…I am going to keep her hair short and her dresses will be those which are the easiest to slip in..unless…her dad wants to take over….He is most welcome!!!!


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3 Responses to Dresssing her???

  1. Oh you never know, I've heard that kids start choosing the clothes they want to wear once they hit 2 years. She might go either way πŸ™‚

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Priyanka: Stop scaring me will ya!!!!

  3. Mama - Mia says:

    oh well! she will decide how she wants to dress soon enough! till then enjoy the Govinda phase! ;)cheers!

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