26/11 and all that

Its an year today since the Mumbai siege and the all the media is making the most of it…
The news channels were all about that yesterrday, the FM channels have been all about that since the past one week and the newspapers have given various stories of the brave folks who helped out..and all….
There was lesser crowd in the trains today…was it becoz of 26/11?????
Some political party has set up a memorial at andheri station in the east and desh bhakti geet is blaring out of the loudspeakers….
After all this memorials and repeated telecasts and stories of terrorists coming in and how the Mumbai police didnt react on time, etc etc,…Just one question…Are we prepared if there was another attack?????
On a different note…I am bugged today…I got groped by an uncle who would be my grandfather’s age at Borivali station…as the train came in..it was the usual crowd near the ladies compartment and there was lot of pushing and shoving and this guy came and just grabbed me..it was so humiliating and as I turned and shouted at him..he just walked away pretending nothing happened…should I have stopped him?? Two other ladies saw what he did to me and just pretended nothing happened…Honestly two reasons when I think back why I didnt react…One I was already late and two, what if looking at his age no one would have believed me…? But then now I think..I should have created a fuss…It was so humiliating that I am still feeling unclean!!!!!
On a different different note…someone threw cigarette butt out of the rick almost on my dress and before I could react…I saw the hand…painted nails and pink shirt…I have no probs with women smoking..but please can you have some civic sense!!!


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3 Responses to 26/11 and all that

  1. scribblermom says:

    hugs to you.

  2. I think its disgusting that women across the world have to deal with such perverts. What is worse in India is that people see and just don't react. It is as if it is shameful to react to these perverts. I dont know why but this really angers me.In Kerala, 'bus molestation' cases are big time issues. These perverts regularly get into buses and do all kinds of perverse acts and no body, even the victim, does not report it simply because no one is there to support it. A woman, a University Professor, who raised a hue and cry lost her job in the University and was taunted by her colleagues and there were even strikes organized by political parties against her because they all claimed she was lying. The man, in question, was a 'respectable' man. Even now, I believe she is fighting her case in court. I feel outraged on your behalf and I really wish we begin a movement to create awareness about this on a grand scale through blogs. I think you don't need to feel humiliated or unclean so just let it pass. The learning from this is that we all need to be alert about what to do and how to react in situations like this.

  3. R's Mom says:

    @Scribblermom: Thanks@Swapna: I didnt know how to react but now I am regretting that I let that guy go…so what that he was old…he was a bloody pervert!!! I should have given him there only!!!

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