Happy Children’s day!

Today is Children’s day and we are working 😦 but its okie…we had a good time in office..with all the girls doing two plaits and all that..its looks very cute..pics have been taken and the office is kinda relaxed today…:)
R had a magic show in her daycare yesterday…and today when we dropped her..she was pretty fine and enthused about going…Hubby and I plan to gift her something..and being the practical mom..I am going to buy a jacket for her before we go to calcutta…from where is a big Q ….but I guess we will go to Borivali in the evening and pick it up from there..
Saw an old gujju aunty of about 70 years selling theplas, dhoklas, khaman and all in the train….trust me..I didnt feel pity for her…I felt pride, I felt good that she was making an effort to earn at this age by doing what she was good at, I felt nice that she feels liberated enough to realise what she is good at and decided to bank on that to earn her living..and I felt great because almost everyone in the compartment got something or the other from her and she was catering to everyone’s need with amazing love ….Such people make the world go round and such people are the reason why I think Mumbai is a great place to live…Cousin K ..thats for you :):)
When cousin K and BIL S had come to Mumbai..there was something BIL said which made me realise is so true…while we were telling R to say ‘ta-ta’ or act like an elephant..he said…’All parents do this na…make the child do something in front of others which is like a reassurance to them that they are teaching their child something….the child may or may not be in a mood to do what she is told but then most parents I know keep doing this’ AFter he said that…I have been thinking..its so true…I really know many parents who make their kids do something special in front of guests or relatives…I dont know whether its right or wrong..but I think I am going to avoid doing it..or am I depriving the audience????


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11 Responses to Happy Children’s day!

  1. JD says:

    plsss…R is not a circus girl….

  2. Monika,Ansh says:

    Agree 100% with your BIL. We are all guilty of doing this. Happy Children's Dya to R. 🙂

  3. strange as it may sound.. i read the last paragraph first and i agree to EVERY SINGLE word that went in there..im guilty of doing that too, till realisation struck.. these days i try not to..somtimes the guests take over, by asking the usual questions..(first time here from MIM's blog)

  4. R's Mom says:

    @JD: I agree she is not…thats why I was rethinking on my stupidities of making her do stuff in front of guests, right?@Monika, Ansh: Thanks for making me feel less guilty hehehe :)@AJCL: Welcome…yaa you are right about guests taking over..but them we cant stop so trying to stop myself from doing it :):)

  5. Great to know that R attended a magic show, it must have been great fun for her! And it is so sweet that you want to buy her a jacket.True about how parents like to make their kids do something in front of guests. Is it an Indian trait? I've seen it mostly with our lot than with others?I don't do it with my son because I let him do what he wants to do as long as he is not hurting others or hurting himself. If he chooses to do something in front of guests that is fun or entertaining, that's his call but not mine. I think we need to respect our kids as individuals and not as objects.I've really enjoyed your post. Keep writing.

  6. You are not depriving the audience at all. In fact mostly the audience is not interested but the child might become shy. And I agree it's good to see people working and managing fine by themselves. To be working so much 70, she must also be in good health.

  7. AverageJane says:

    I do not make him do stuff in front of people. But I do tell him to wave a 'hi' or 'bye' when the other person has initiated it. I think it is a good way to teach them that they should respond when someone is addressing them. What do you think?

  8. Anonymous says:

    R's Mom – she is quite a performer that we really dont have to coax her to do anything – I think we should moderate a bit, we should not force it if they are not doing it after saying a couple of times…Was lovely meeting R&R&R and had a great time…

  9. R's Mom says:

    @Swapna: Yaa we did get her that jacket..long overdue actually..lazy parents that we are :)Yaa you are right about treating kids as individuals…:):)@IHM: Yaa that aunty was amazing…about audience not being interested…I dont know IHM..sometimes I do meet these parents of other kids who want to know what all R is doing..its kinda embrassing then!!!@AJ: Great idea as usual! Thanks for the advice..Hi Bye is fine I think…thats the only way I can encourage her to be interactive..anything else…I think I will think twice before asking her to do so@Anon: You are most welcome…and yaa she is a performer aint she eheheh 🙂

  10. Wow! That 70 year-old lady's grit and determination are inspiring! May all her wares be sold out everyday :)And I am guilty of making my kids (well, the EO at least) perform too…but I've stopped now. My take on it is that most of the time the guests aren't interested and those who are, get a taste of my boys' personalities/talents/charms/intelligence/whatever-you-chose-to-call-it soon enough…

  11. R's Mom says:

    @M4: Yep all you guys are right…I have decided really not to get into this 'R do this and R do that'. I think AJ's advice makes sense…just learn to say hi and bye thats good enough and encourages the kiddo to interact :)Yaa even I am hoping that aunty's wares get sold out everyday 🙂

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