To Anon

‘R’s Mom,
If you believe that Mumbai is so stressed out – then why continue – why not try to disengage from the place…
See its our life and how we want to live it right, atleast if not anything – lets see if we can try something and if it didnt work out so be it… ‘

This comment came to me now on my previous post about mumbai life being stressful…inspite of everything…I love Bombay errr.. Mumbai… Having been brought up in a small town in Gujarat..I have always had fascination for Bombay..when we used to come to our cousins place every year..I used to get very enamored by the bhelpuri wala and vada pav wala (food first!!) the best buses, the taxies, the ricks, the trips to fashion street, bandra linking road, haji ali, siddhivinayak temple, mahalakshmi temple, the constant noise on the street, the local trains, the zigzag lanes and bylanes, the variety of sweet shops, the clothes which college girls used to wear, the hair styles, the various books available at churchgate station..and so much more…every visit added my love for this place..and when I had a guy offering to marry me and staying at mumbai..I was quite ready for it (Hubby thanks!!!) ..I took in the bus travel, the hustle bustle, the private neighbours, the marathi speaking bai..the whole Bombayness into me..when we shifted to Malad, the train travel, the Gujju crowd which made me feel at home, the lovely church at Orlem, the teasing from friends about staying at a terrorist area of Malwani..everything was fun…After R was born, we shifted to Kandivali and my love affair with Bombay continues….I still crib about not getting ricks and the daily tension of travel and getting home late..but somehow I also love the bhelpuri near my house, the sight of the marshland across the street, the tiny bit of the ocean that I can see if I push my head a bit too far out of our window, the lovely Pagoda all lit up at Gorai from the building top, the nice BEST drivers and conductors who offer to wait up for an extra 10 seconds when I come running with R, the lovely aunties who wave to R everyday, the great school kids who play around with R, the rick drivers to give me gyan on how I should stop R from sucking her thumb, the dabbawala uncle down to comes to my rescue on days I cant cook, the lovely neighbour aunties who are always there for me whenever I need them, the great daycare people who take care of R as if she is their own, the great train rides where every ride is an adventure, the lovely collegues in office who are caring and fun to be with, the running around for stuff, the helpful people who go out of their way to guide you incase you are lost, the street food which makes you drool over, the lovely 100 rs. clothes you get near the station, ..everything..something about Bombay that makes you love it..and inspite of all mumbaikars cribbing about everything in Bombay…no one is ready to leave it yet…Bombay I love you, and Dear Anon…thank you for your concern..but in the near future unless something really dramatic happens I doubt whether I will leave this place 🙂


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4 Responses to To Anon

  1. R's Mom says:

    @Apu: Thanks 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your love for Bby shines through. Dee

  3. Anonymous says:

    I know this response comes in late.. But then, trust me, its the way you want to look at things. The kind of person you are, I know you can adjust to ANYTHING in this world – I repeat ADJUST..I can bet that every place I've stayed in(atleast half a dozen)has all of these…I beg to differ on your point 🙂 You know whos sharing this bit with you, right?! :)Theres more to life than a Mumbai.. 🙂

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