Un(in)herited Genes

I love my mother in law…seriously love her..because she is the only one who supports me when I say that the naughty (N) gene which R has..has been inherited from her father…I was and still am an (Ideal) child….I never troubled my parents at all (There I can see my parents and my elder bro rolling on the floor with laughter!!!) The problem is that anyone who knows me and has met R tells me that she has inherited my naughtiness and for some strange reason they believe that my hubby was a very very quiet child!!! on what basis is that decided!! because he is a first born??? huh! Nah..my MIL says that he was very very naughty..but unfortunately she is my only supporter..everyone else seems to love him so much that all the naughtiness R has in her is attributed to my dominant gene…Now R will you behave???
Talking of naughtiness…R seems to be learning new stuff to bug me everyday..today morning..she decided to give a bath to the sofa set…Thankfully her dad was not around..otherwise he would have fallen off the floor looking at the water all over the place…she drops water on the sofa..and then looks at me very sweetly and acts the bathing sign to me..can you beat this girl…and then when I scold her..she looks at me as if ‘Mom you only want to clean everything na…I was just helping you’ What do I tell her now???
She now enters the bathroom at every instant and picks up the mug and pours water over her from the bucket…We usually fill a bucket of water and keep since we never know when BMC will be ‘merherbaan’ on us…which is turning to be a pain..becoz R feels that everytime the bathroom door opens she needs to have a bath..and this is from a girl whom I was cribbing last month about hating water!!!! The other day my mom was washing her face..and there was no one else at home…and R manages to almost put her face into the ‘pot’ in the curiosity to look inside…and she was so fast that my mom didnt even have time to react….ma gave her a bath and made her ‘shudh’ and all that…hehehehe πŸ™‚
She now knows how to open and close cupboards and if by mistake I leave the cupboard unlocked…rest assured that I will need to rearrange all my stuff because she loves taking things out of the cupboard..and honestly she is very fast..by the time you react..she has done the mischief….
Yesterday night she tried to switch off the fan switch (it is unfortunately placed so that she can reach it easily) and usually she doesnt go there because we tell her not too..but then this streak of rebel and she went and touched it and when I told her not to..she smiles..can you believe she SMILED!!! I was like no dont do it please you will hurt your self and she comes and hugs me…Now how do I react to this????


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2 Responses to Un(in)herited Genes

  1. LOL…a very cute post πŸ™‚ These babies just love water, hard to keep them away from it. And OMG! had her head in the potty, she's keeping you very very busy I can see πŸ™‚

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Priyanka: Dont ask..she is a handful to handle!

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