Waves (ta-ta’s) and Dress Change and Scolding

R has been at her elemental best today….Since the morning..she has managed to spoil 4 t shirts of hers by puking…milk over them..well not exactly puking..but throwing up the excess milk…I can imagine if it was natural..but madam did it by touching her toes and then putting her head between the gap of the two legs..basically by making her body go upside down..now that was done on purpose..okie!! I had exhausted all her t shirts and then was really bugged..so took it back on her by making her dress in a white frock and to avoid exposure of cold to her legs, made her wear a blue pant..and thought she would look very funny and that would be my revenge (ya ya I am that kind of a mother) after dressing her, when I looked at her..she looked soooooo adorable..what to say !!! She gave her perfect half toothed smile and there my heart melted..heehhe 🙂
On the way to the daycare..I had to get into a bus and I actually counted the number of people she waved to and how many waved her back….The bus driver and conductor did and the lady next to whom I sat also did….infact she was so sweet that she held R while I was fighting with my bag to take out the money…and then when we got up to get down at the market….there was an old couple whom she waved to and they waved back…5 other guys didnt response to her frantic ta-ta and then one girl gave her a flying kiss 🙂
Then she said ta-ta to the rick driver and then when we went to the daycare we were, as usual, early…and hence we waited..in the meantime we did some walking around and said ta ta to aunties carrying veggies on their head…as well as uncles taking their morning walks….aunties running to catch a rick to the station….girls and guys going to college..and most of them did wave back to her 🙂 There is a mini bus which goes via her daycare of BEST..the driver and conductor always wave to her whenever they see her..since there are hardly anyone in the bus at that time..the driver stops the bus….blows the horn says bye to her and then goes..its such a sweet sight..and she gets very excited about the whole thing :):)
R got scolded by her daycare teacher yesterday..and as soon as she saw me today..she told me very apologetically…I scolded R yesterday…I was like okie…and then she was a bit surprised and asked me…wont you ask me why…I was like see you take care of her the whole day..and I have full confidence that you wont scold her unless its something really bad she is doing..and bad for herself..so its okie if you scold her..because you love her unconditionally and where there is unconditional love the scolding will follow…she was so relieved…she told me that she had given crayons to R to scribble since the other kids were doing their homework and R wanted to write also..and R kept putting those crayons in her mouth…she warned R thrice but she kept repeating it and then she scolded her badly…I was like its okie..you have every right to scold her…:):) But that scolding didnt stop R from jumping to her teacher..looking at me and waving me goodbye and then turning her back to me and not even bothering to look back..now thats called love na???


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4 Responses to Waves (ta-ta’s) and Dress Change and Scolding

  1. Mama - Mia says:

    i find it terribly weird when people dont respond to cute babies or ignore them resolutely!but what the bus guys IS indeed very sweet! R has every reason to be kicked! :Dcheers!abha

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Abha: They are sweet na…:) Yaa even I find it very weird and sometimes R looks at me very perplexed on why people dont respond to her..abhi what to tell her!!!

  3. I'm sure you feel wonderful and proud of your lil social butterfly, she is such a cutie pie.Kids are always ever forgiving, its good that you trust her teacher so much.Take care!

  4. R's Mom says:

    @Priyanka: Heheehh! Yaa its good to see her so social..though honestly she does get into these not-so-social moods as well…;)and yes her daycare teachers are amazingly nice people 🙂

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