The Difference….

I have travelled three years in the Western mumbai locals and one of the things that I have noticed is the difference in the behavior in the general (usually mens compartment during peak hours) and ladies compartment…While the views expressed here are entirely mine, based on my experience..a lot of you who travel by train may disagree to me… But this is what I have always seen
The guys are more accomodating…If they see anyone hanging or running to catch a moving train..they help that person…give him a hand…a tiny centimeter space to keep his foot on the footboard..ensure that they have him held up…ensure that he gets that tiny extra bit of space to get onto the train
The ladies compartment is MOST unaccomodating…If they see anyone hanging..they push them out…feel their bag is more important than anyone’s life and refuse to move their body to accomodate anyone at all..they are sure to push you out of the train if its moving and ensure that you dont take their bit of space or get into the compartment
The guys usually are ready to get off the train to let you get off at your station..and then get in again
The ladies just shout at you inspite of you standing 2 stations before and then refuse to get off expect you to squeeze in 3.2 mm of space with your bag and get off the moving train..before it comes to a complete halt
The guys usually help you transfer your bag to the overhead space so that you can stand without the heavy load down your shoulders
The ladies just stare at you as if you committed the 9th murder of the year and refuse to even acknowledge your request of asking them to keep the bag on the overhead space
Well these are just some observations I have had as a regular traveller..I may be wrong as well 🙂


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2 Responses to The Difference….

  1. I so so so agree with you…. Though I have not been in Mumbai locals, I can fully agree to ur point based on my travel in Chennai locals for 4 years of my college and believe me, its not very different from what you experience in Mumbai. Most of the days (during peak hours) I used to get into general compartment so that I can atleast breathe and get down safely.

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