Weekend It was

R is sad and so is R’s Mom but the saddest is R’s Dad…his in-laws left him and went and he is acting as if the world is just unfair on him..he was lamenting on the way back from the airport almost crying like R”’I am going to miss my momma” kind of look on his face…Well I guess he is so much used to all the people in the house, that he is going to miss mom and dad..btw…now I know where R got that genes from 😉
So mom dad left yesterday evening…R waved them good bye and all that….
We went for my cousin’s engagement before that and it was nice to meet all of dad’s sides relatives..they are very nice people and the best part is..most of them being first cousins are still very close to each other and most of them attend all family functions with their families 🙂 R was playing the first half..going to half the people and busy sucking her thumb while the second half she got very cranky and went off to sleep…actually her whole routine got disturbed yesterday since the engagement was at about 3 in the afternoon and she didnt sleep through it and etc etc…but on the whole she was pretty decent in her behavior though a lot of people commented on two things…her eyes are like me and now she looks like my MIL…also how much weight she had lost….arey cant anyone see how much weight I have lost!!!!! heheheh
And oh the menu was thankfully not PURE south indian..there was pav bhaji and bhel and pani puri and the usual southie fare of dosa, sevai, vada..then there was ras malai, icecream and fruit salad…yummmmmmmmmmm
On saturday night, we had a society get together..the first in our society and it was pretty good..R was the only one dancing to the music and having fun in all but the problem was that it started way beyond her bed time and she got very cranky at about 10ish..but its okie she had a good time and I discovered that there were at least 5 other kids of her age about 2 years to 8 months in the building…good she will have company then..but guess what she was the naughtiest there while the others were good kids to plonked themselves around their parents 🙂 Should I say I am happy that she was very very very social or should I be worried that she is hyperactive????
R is in love..with baby D…finally I went to see my college friend’s baby boy D who is now three months old and oh he is so adorable…he is the sweetest kid I have seen of his age..I am not kidding..he whimpers so sweetly and then when my friend fed him..he was content after burping sitting noiselessly on his baby chair and then looking around..R in the meantime had almost broken one of his toys, tried to feed him a shoe of hers, and made a mess of the pohe which my friend’s MIL gave us…R also tried to poke him on the eye..went near his ear to pull it and then managed to fit herself into his chair …what a girl!!!
Speaking of ears…R pulled one eight month old’s ear in our building…oh God i was so shocked..thankfully there was no force in it..and she just touched it and I noticed it immediately the baby rubbed his ear and the baby’s dad was cool about it..phew!!!


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