Sani Above my Head

So today I had to meet up with a client for a primary interview and called up in the morning to confirm the timing of the meeting…The client is at Powai which is quite a bit from my office thanks to the crowded traffic of Mumbai which is again thanks to the Metro construction going I left well before time and went down the office building and got into a rick..there was an old uncle driving the rick with a red huge tilak on his forehead…I asked him if he knew my final destination and he was like ‘haan beta…pata hai’ So we went about 200 meters and he looked back and told me…in hindi that ‘ You have to light an insence stick in front of Goddess Durga everyday for the next 45 days’ I looked at him totally perplexed and he tells me ‘I can see “Sani” hovering over your head..whatever work you have left for will never get completed and all your friends will cheat you’ I was so confused that I didnt open my mouth and nodded and since he was an old man I couldnt even tell him to just keep quiet and drive the rick…He then went on and on about how he was a priest at the ‘Iskcon’ temple at Juhu and he was staying upstairs with saints who were ‘500 years’ old and alive and lived on a glass of milk….I didnt say anything and was so irritated with the hot sun and the traffic that I just nodded my head…Then he tells me ‘You are living off your parents money and only when you get married you will understand what responsibility is all about’ I didnt even try and correct him because his talks were kinda scary and bugging! and then he told me that ‘your husband will be a very nice guy with no ‘chal kapat’ in him and he will always listen to what you say’ (Hahahahaha on that!) I still didnt correct him because honestly I thought he was slightly mad…Then he said ‘Do you know the July 26th floods that came in Mumbai..I was stuck alone with a girl of your age for the whole night on the roof of a shop because my rick got swept away in the water’ But I took good care of her and I didnt even do any ‘chal Kapat’ with her..And I was like thinking :What?????
He tells me ‘her parents were so grateful to me for taking care of her that they gave me Rs.5000 after we saw them after 2 days…I of course didnt want the money but they forced me to take it’ All the while I kept nodding my head and told him twice to ask someone the final destination where I wanted to go..inspite of that he took me to a wrong road and thats when I got a bit scared…I made him stop the rick and asked someone the direction and then asked him to turn back the rick and take me there…He did that and then just stopped right in the middle telling me this is your place you get down…I was actually relieved inspite the fact that he really was a far distance from where I wanted to go….I got off the rick and when he gave me back the change I realised he had charged me Rs.2 extra…”Forget it’ I thought and walked down in the sun to reach the office of the person I had to meet..and then you would believe when I called him up..he told me I am busy today and I cant meet you today…WHAT??? Sani on my head is it????


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7 Responses to Sani Above my Head

  1. AverageJane says:

    That was one weird experience!

  2. R's Mom says:

    @Dee: It wasnt funny then though I am laughing about it now :)@AverageJane: It was definitely weird!!!!

  3. apu says:

    that was one totally crazy story!

  4. R's Mom says:

    @Apu: Hahahah! isnt it??? πŸ™‚

  5. Mama - Mia says:

    ouch! thats something! i can imagine how scary it must be for ya!and you talking about 2rs. bangalore mein 5rs tak change koi waapas hi nahi deta! :(cheers!abha

  6. R's Mom says:

    @Abha: Well this guy is one of the few guys who didnt return change..otherwise Mumbai rick drivers are very Mumbaish…we will take the full charge and return the proper change to you!! Thank God I dont stay in B'lore…I would have gone crazy with no change returned πŸ™‚

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