B’Day Party and all the confusion

We went for a Bday party yesterday night bang in the middle of the week of a close office friend’s son’s first bday..Hubby picked up R from the daycare and when I reached home…got her ready and then we left to go there..reached and realised that it ws better to park a little further down..and we went in search for the hall….found it by asking two pani puri walas and almost falling prey into eating but remembered the party so reached there instead..
The baby boy was in a wonderful mood though not smiling at least he was not crying…saw my friend…guided another friend into the hall..yaa yaa I gave directions..and he found his way (though overlook the fact that he was only 100 meters from the hall and hubby and I were waiting for him outside the hall heheheh!)…
The cake was this amazing huge blue coloured cake with a sweet face in the middle and the baby actually managed to cut it..they had a beautiful fire cracker which was put on the cake and it went put put put and R was thrilled looking at it…then they lit a candle which was in the form of a lotus and then it opened up and eight other candles lit in the form of petals..something very beautiful..wish I had a camera to capture that…
I decided to be the first to inagurate the dinner since R was getting very cranky..though she was smiling at everyone and dragging chairs around..it was past her sleeping time and I had to give her dinner..she made a mess of the cake which I put on the plate, insisted on eating by herself..refused the roti..ate some hakka noodles and make a complete mess of everything..till hubby decided that it was enough and then she started screaming her head off..and I gulped down the food in a hurry while hubby held her while she was screaming..and then I took her and then when I decided to take her out of the hall while hubby ate..she puked..every single thing she puked..out with loads of cough.which was blue in colour becoz of the cake..Thank God she didnt puke on anyone except me :(:( It was so embrassing and then I thought..its okie just a kid what can she do also..so I held her..cleaned up the mess (Thank God I always carry tissues in my bag for her!) and then cleaned myself up as much as I could…Hubby practically shoved down the food his throat and we said ta ta and left….I felt very bad about leaving the party like that..but with R puking…It wasnt a pretty sight anyways…I felt a bit bad about all the puking but the family was so sweet tht they told me not to even bother and said we all have kids we know how it feels..wow its good to have friends na!


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