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You Know You Are a Second Born

Sanch wrote a really funny but perceptive post on being first born And inspired by her post, here is a second born’s reply to that 1. Constant Comparison: As second borns, you are expected to follow the first born. There is a constant … Continue reading

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This Ganesh Chaturthi

I realised – Festivals are meant to be enjoyed with family, not about the perfect prasad! I reached home late on Thrusday. Very late. At about 8. With R in tow. RD had a very bad allergy and couldnt pick … Continue reading

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Dear Mumbai Metro Travellers And Mumbai Metro Folks

You know something, we all are very proud to be a part of the Mumbai Metro. We all have waited LONG enough (8-10 years) for this to become a reality. We all know how important this east west connectivity is. … Continue reading

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A Revelation, A Father’s Help (NOT!),A Compliment or Taunt? And that Singh Guy!

Some incidents, which are absolutely not connected to each other at all. ============== The other day, I woke up the brat to pee in the middle of the night. She got up after a lot of cajoling and finally came … Continue reading

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After a Gap

I have not been writing or even commenting or even approving or even READING blogs..its so weird because I always love reading blogs..they give me things to think about, stuff to try out and ways to make my life much … Continue reading

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A Selfish Generation?

This post has been in my mind for a long time. May be about 4-5 months. I usually try and put only positive stuff on this blog, but somehow, I have been observing stuff around me which makes me take … Continue reading

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This Week……

1. Has seen me super sick with a viral infection AGAIN! 2. Has been busy like crazy 3. Has seen changes in office in form of a new boss 4. Has seen me use many modes of transport – train, … Continue reading

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