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I Wish…..

Inspired from Smita’s  post …folks on escalators would realise that they need to stand on one side for others to pass. One stands on right, other stands on left, and I feel as if I am weaving a web when I … Continue reading

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Being Strict is Wrong?

From the drafts, written a few weeks ago and then re-worked on! Today morning, when I woke up the brat, she got up with a start and said ‘Amma, amma, check my calender’ RM: What happened R: There was Hindi … Continue reading

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Of Game Names!

Yesterday evening, RD picked up R from the daycare, and since her friends were downstairs, the two of them stayed down and R played. R came up. We did the usual fight of having a bath, drinking water fast, needing … Continue reading

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Life in Pictures

Sometimes, I realise that I am really bad as a mom in terms of capturing my child’s life in pictures. Also, that RD, R and I, all three of us, hate getting ourselves clicked. We need to have  a really … Continue reading

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So Amma Is the Villian

Today is Teacher’s Day. R’s school had declared a holiday today and they had extra class tomorrow. Then suddenly, yesterday evening they sent a note saying that there is school today and no extra class tomorrow. In short, total confusion … Continue reading

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Yesterday Night!

We got really late going home yesterday. RD had warned me in the morning that he will be late from work, so I had to pick up R. Unfortunately, struggling to get a rick from the station to the brat’s … Continue reading

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You Know You Are a Second Born

Sanch wrote a really funny but perceptive post on being first born And inspired by her post, here is a second born’s reply to that 1. Constant Comparison: As second borns, you are expected to follow the first born. There is a constant … Continue reading

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